Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 13

Nope, couldn't even think about playing with tea.  I have tea, but rarely drink tea and not sure why because I love it!
Some maroon woke me up at 3:30 AM last night and it took me hours to get back to sleep, so I'm not feeling creative today.  BUT nature saw fit to make me at least become a little creative in her....

I saw the hue from the sunset and ran outside to record the sun leaving us for today...

We have such lovely sunsets here in Arizona and this one was nice, really nice.  :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 10

Today was supposed to be water. 
This is what I made.  I used a bit of the border that I put on one of the Cotton Robin quilts and made a mug rug.  The quilting is stripes until you get to the bottom  and then they varied and I put some curvy one in too, those are water!  :)

I haven't got the borders on it yet, but I will get there in time!! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 9

Suggestion:  Make something with your breakfast before you eat it. 

Ok, breakfast is icky unless it's cold pizza!  I don't do breakfast.
So I worked on another block with applique.  :) 

Nothing spectacular, but it was fun to do it!

This is for my Magick who died 2 years ago.  I miss him terribly.  He was a standard poodle and just the light of my life.   This is about as fancy as his grooming ever got, and that was back in Ohio.  In Arizona I just kept him shaved down!!  :) 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ok, I did it too!

I made a blog dedicated to the 365 A Daily Creativity Journal.  :)  Thanks Noah Scalin for the book, I'm having a blast!  AND I remember that there ARE NO RULES!

The eight days I've done.  

The Eighth Day:  June 22, 2013

And today was to transform an old book.  I don't have any books that I don't love and want to keep!  Since most of my reading is on the Kindle these days, I don't have 'extra' or 'unwanted' books laying around.  So, since there are no rules, I changed what I did!

I figured that since tonight is a supermoon, I thought I'd applique a coyote and a supermoon!  We are kind of cloudy here today, so I might not see much of the moon tonight.  So I made my own picture!  :)  This one too is raw edge applique.  :)   I have some more stuff in mind.... I have friends who need gifts, gifts just because I want to make them something.  :)

I'm having a blast with this 365 Daily Creativity Journal! 

The Seventh Day, June 21

Fun fun fun doing the 365 day of creativity!

Ok, it's been a day! Internet is still spotty for me.  And was off a lot yesterday.  So when I make this post will certainly depend on my internet connection.  :)

No rules!  I love that.  I have changed some things.  :)

Yesterday.  Make a stencil, use it in your work.  Well, nope, that didn't do much for me, so here's what I did:
I did some applique.  Since that's one of the things I really want to concentrate on, I changed it a bit!  This is just plain raw edge applique.  And I think it's going to make a neat block to put in a quilt.  Maybe I'll make enough blocks with this challenge that I'll be able to make a wall hanging.  :)

The Sixth day June 20th

Day 6: look in kitchen and work with first fruit you see.

I walked into the kitchen and the first fruit I saw was an orange.  I wondered if eating it would be enough "working" with it, but decided that wasn't very creative.  :)

So I fired up the bernina and dug out some orange embroidery thread and decided to sew something....

So I made an orange and I put leaves on it!
I tried to make the little round things in the skin but my machine wasn't as smooth as I'd like, but it does remind me of the orange skin.  :)

I figure I will add at least one more fruit and then quilt it and hang it up in my kitchen!

The forth post from the 18th of June  but really posted on the 20th.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

No, I wasn't ignoring the blog, my internet was bye bye for about 2 days!

At first I thought it was my computer.  You know the deal, you call the provider and they tell you that everything looks fabulous on their end, no problems at all, must be you.   And that's exactly what they said.
So I futzed and futzed and futzed with my computer and nothing made any difference.  No email.  I could occasionally get on and get to a page, but then it would go away again.
So I called back and got a female tech.  I had company coming up on my deck as we were talking.  I have WiFi here and there are about 10 people on it.  And after asking others, I knew that none of us had internet.   So I told Tamera, I have company and I have to go, but it's not just me, it's other folks too, none of us can get to the internet.  You work on this and I'll call you back when my company leaves.  And I hung up.  So after my company left, I called her and she had dug into it and told me that there were some big issues with the line somewhere and she was sending someone out.  LOVE it, took a gal to at least take me seriously and then find that there were indeed issues.   So about 5 or so, I had internet.  My whole day had pretty much been shot with this issue. 

So my 365 stuff is late!
So day 4.  Take a walk and use materials that you find, make something and leave it there for someone else.
I walked and found pine cones.  And so I then played with my pine cones!

Very girl scoutish, but hey what the heck!  I glued fake pearls on it with gold colored beads and made some kind of something!

Put it back outside by the mail boxes and someone nabbed it almost before I got back into the house!  I sure hope they like it.  I know it's kind of juvenile, but it was fun to do.

This one I watered down glue and rolled it in spices.  Smells great!  This one went bye bye too.  I sure smelled wonderful!  Again, kind of silly, but fun.  :)

The third post from the 17th of June

Monday, June 17, 2013

365: Day 3

Make something from paper, but no drawing and no scissors and no glue!
So I thunked and thunked and thunked.... and this is what I came up with!
Paper flower!  Felt like I was back in high school, that's the last time I made a paper flower.  :)   Brightly colored tissue paper and I have a flower.  :) The second post from the 16th of June

Sunday, June 16, 2013

365 Days of Creativity: Day 2

I spent quite a bit of time on today's project.  It's about my favorite animal.  Well, hello, that would be dogs!  I love my dogs.  So I tried to use thread and make a greyhound.  It was actually kind of funny looking and I thought it was pretty icky so I pitched it.  :)
So I had a granny block that I made that wasn't needed in a quilt, so I guess you could call it an orphan quilt block.  I have some applique greyhounds that I have left over from a project a few years ago.  So I grabbed one of those and appliqued it to the block after I sandwiched the block..  Then once it was raw edged appliqued, I echo quilted it... and I like it!

Before borders

I did the echo quilting with silver thread, it matches the silver on the applique.  :)

It was a lot of fun to do the echo quilting.  One of my favorites!  :) 

The back....  You will find that I rarely use pretty backing on quilts that are wall hangings.  No one sees the backs of them, so why waste expensive fabric!  White or black is my usual and lots of muslin too!

Finished project.  :)

10" x 10" 

And this is how I'm keeping a record.  I'm going to use this book up and have a wonderful keepsake by the time my year is up!
And if you look closely, you'll see that I cannot spell!  :) 

It's REALLY muggy outside!
It does appear that we might get some more rain!

I watched a great movie this morning, The Descendants with George Clooney in it.  Love a good movie.  :)

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!  :)   God Bless,   Anne

The first post from the 15th of June

365: A Daily Creativity Journal

Yes, it starts today!  And I've already been creative and it's not even 7:15 in the morning yet!!  I woke up at 4:50am and figured there was no sense in trying to make myself go back to sleep, so I got up.  Sug ate breakfast at 5:15 am and that means she will probably be hungry by 8am again.  Oh joy.  :)

Pictures, I have pictures of my first creative project.  It took me less than an hour to complete.  I am focusing on fabric and quilting and pushing myself to do more actual quilting and (even though it's not obvious in this first project) working on applique.  And (again, not obvious in this project) working in a SW theme when I can.  :)

 I took some half square triangles I made and never used.  I put 4 of them together.
Then I started quilting with my quarter inch foot on my machine.  So each of those rows of quilting should be about 1/4" apart.... give or take a smidgeon.  :)

Quilting is finished.  

The back. 

 Almost trimmed.  I had to put on a binding, I didn't want to serge the edges, I like a really nicely finished edge.

Trimmed and ready to sew down...

The finished item.  It's either a mini mug run or a coaster, you choose.  It fits in my hand... sort of.  It's small anyhow.  :)

Remember the rules: There are no rules.  :)

Happy Weekend everyone!